Find the Archangel


This is no joke

My name is Joe and I started this blog to ask people to help me find the archangel. I know, archangels are like mythology. I thought the same thing, before I met one and got healed.

First you need to hear the story. A few months ago, me and my buddy Jim were at a bar in Brooklyn after this job we were doing near the projects. We were throwing back a few when this crazy dude starts talking shit about 9/11 and the Apocalypse. He was slamming tequila like it was water, buying rounds up and down the bar. Jim thought he was a nut job and split to go get a sandwich at the deli down the street. But I couldn’t stop listening. I wasn’t the only one. He had the whole bar going and the chicks were loving him. It was like he was speaking in flames, like he was a god or something. He did actually claim that he was Michael the Archangel.

It was all cool and fun, even though he was so intense, when suddenly he reached out and touched me on the forehead.

That’s when everything broke. My mind shattered into a million pieces and I had visions of angels and demons and who knows what else. It was like I died or something. Anyway, long story short, it turns out that after that night the cancer that I was fighting totally disappeared. The doctors can’t understand it. So now I’m on a mission to find this guy again and find out what he did to me. If he was for real about everything else, and the end of the world is really coming, I want to be with him.

So far, all I know is that his name is Mike and he’s got angel wings tattooed on his back, across his shoulder blades.

I will be posting on YouTube with anything I can dig up. But I really need the help of the public as well. If you know him, or have had a similar experience, please post a comment here. I know this sounds whack, but seriously, you have to help me.